Get an Autograph!

For those of you who can’t get an autograph in person, we are offering signed bookplates!

Simply use Google Wallet to send  us (ElizabethAHajek(at)gmail(dot)com) your address*, the name you’d like the inscription made out to, and the cost of a first class stamp (currently 47 cents), and we will send you a bookplate and bookmark! (In the old days they’d say “send a self-stamped/self-addressed envelope” but we think this way is easier and cheaper!)

Want more than one bookplate or bookmark? Let us know! We’ll send as many as will fit in a first class envelope! Just make sure to indicate in the message form if you would like the inscriptions made out to different people for the different bookplates.

*We will never give or sell your address, or use it for anything other than this one-time mailing.