The Song of the Fay

The Song of the Fay

Enter a world where all of the old tales are true…

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Book One: The Mermaid and the Unicorn

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Daphne Woodhouse jumps at the chance to join her college’s study abroad program at a Parisian convent. Although thrilled to immerse herself in French Art and History, she soon finds herself drawn into a hidden world of myths and legends come to life. There’s a mysterious nun guarding the convent’s secret garden, a glamorous nightclub owner soliciting Daphne’s musical skills, something sinister stalking her in the shadows… and of course, the handsome and chivalrous Derek Moon, who is determined to win Daphne’s heart. When the fate of a magical species is laid in Daphne’s hands, she must make a choice that will change her future forever.

I inhaled page after page of this book. The setting, characters, and plot all wound together to create a fun, imaginative experience. I particularly loved the way in which Catholicism danced throughout the pages of this story. Hajek is not Catholic, but she nailed the Catholic atmosphere in this story. From intimate details of devotions to unique struggles that the characters had, the story breathed Catholicism realistically. It is apparent that Hajek took much time and effort to weave this faith tradition throughout the story tastefully, and I hope that Catholics and non-Catholics alike will enjoy exploring the traditions, conversations, and struggles of the characters. ~ AnneMarie, Sacrifice of Love

I found myself often being reminded of Narnia (even though the story never leaves the real realm of Paris), because the story reminded me that Beauty lives and breathes in ways that I might not even imagine and reawakens wonder at each turn. ~Carissa, A Myth Retold

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